Is it possible to do with realmacsoft

Hi, I’m new to your forum informing myself about your web-Software. I’m a visual artist (Typographer, Photographer, Graphist, Designer) and have to replace Adobe Muse in the next time…

My next project:

  • Sport-Event Page for Dog-Agility (4 Languages x 20 pages)
  • integrating live result pages in frame etc. (from a third party database)
  • integrating my externe pictures shop -> thousands of pics
  • 4 Languages (German, French, Italian, English)
  • Smartphone, Pad, big monitors, compatible.
  • Including a little Shop (integrating credit cards… PayPal etc.)
  • How long your software will be on the market? :–)) -> Adobe Muse


greetings from Switzerland

As I understand requirements rapidweaver along with a plug-in called “Stacks” (an extra cost) and some additional pieces to work with Stacks (also additional charges) would be able to meet your requirements. Specifically as I understand them:

  1. One is not limited by number of pages or languages. From a language perspective their are various strategies one can use and several add on elements for stacks to assist.

  2. While the details of your database, and the display of its data would help (I.e sql etc) generally speaking integrating iframes is very easy within rapidweaver. Further their are various options to display data from a database.

  3. Plenty of ways to incorporate photo galleries regardless of the quantity of images.

  4. Again various options for multiple languages.

  5. Imho rapidweaver excels at responsive design for all devices.

  6. Plenty of e-commerce options within rapidweaver. Again additional plugins and elements may be required.

  7. In my experience rapidweaver is continually developing and seems to have a healthy, robust community as well as a healthy supplement of developers who create add ins for the product.

Generally speaking imo rapidweaver could serve you well. However you will incur additional costs and a learning curve would also apply. While I’m not sure of your technical skills in my experience rapidweaver is user friendly and easily learned. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your time to instruct me about realmacsoft.
Greetings from Switzerland

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