Is ogg for audio still useful?

Quick question.
I use Stacks4Stacks Player stack to play a monthly podcast episode, it works great and gives us the option of linking to both an mp3 version and ogg version of the audio.
But, is it worth making an ogg version?
It might only take me a few minutes to do but as far as I know all modern browsers can play mp3 anyway.
Am I wasting my time?


I thought the reason behind using .ogg was that it was required for Opera and older versions of Firefox.

Here’s what Will Woodgate says - Most web browsers will playback audio in MP3 format and video in MP4 format; for this reason we have branded this the ‘primary’ format in MixingDeck. As of September 2013, the only web browser that seemed to still be using WebM / Ogg formats was Opera 12. We still provide a secondary format, not only for Opera users, but also for anyone else still using an older version of Firefox.

So if that’s still the case I suppose it depends on how important it is for you to support those two browsers.