Is there a dedicated recipe stack/module/theme?

(Fiona P) #1

As the title says. I’ve done a pretty extensive search and am surprised to find there appears to be no stack, or anything, to create and display recipes.

I’m using the built-in blog pages under an adapted Mountain theme at the moment, and am considering the Poster Stack ( - but before I pay $AUD70-odd for something general, I was really hoping there was something dedicated specifically to the creation and display of recipes.

Any thoughts?

(Rob Beattie) #2

There isn’t. Rapidweaver doesn’t really work that way, but there are plenty of general-purpose funky layout stacks that you could adapt easily to display recipes.

Have a look at something like Multi-step Modal or Flex. Or as your research suggests - Poster would be really good for this.

(Fiona P) #3

Many thanks for your quick response!

Time to create templates in Stacks, methinks. (The problem is I keep getting sidetracked into creating “shiny things” when I really should be focussing on just creating content!).