Is there a way to "pre load" a pages content

(scott williams) #1

I have a page the uses blog stack to load my blog. but when you click on that page you have to wait while it goes out and gets the content. I’m wondering if there is a way to have that page “pre load” when the site is loaded so that if a visitor does go to that page the content will already be there.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

Next time get back to me directly. I am currently integrating paging, so that you can set the first loaded post amount to a lower number, and the end user is able to select the next page / posts by himself.

There is no way around that loading time, as the content has to be fetched from

(scott williams) #3

That sounds like a great feature.
I realize there is no way around the load time because of the fetch, Thats why I asked if there was a way to “pre-load” the content(maybe into the browser cache) before it was even visited This would be helpful on any page that is also fetching warehoused content - galleries,slideshows etc.

(kris ) #4

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