Issue with CSS and Images Not Showing

Hi Dan,

I’ve just run into an issue where something that has worked since as early as I can remember in RW (version 2) is not working in version 7.

It is when I am linking to a stylesheet via the Page Inspector and that stylesheet is looking for an image.

We’ve always been able to get to that image like this:
body.boxed{ background: url(../../images/bg-images/golf-bg8.jpg) center top fixed;}

This will not even show the image in Preview …
However, now after much testing, I have found that I can get to the image by removing the leading .. like this:
body.boxed{ background: url(/../images/bg-images/golf-bg8.jpg) center top fixed;}

This will let the image show in preview but not when publshed. Once it gets published it looks for the image at the root of the site and not withing the themes contents.

If something has changed for RW7, then I desperately need to read about it and would like a link that explains it. If it hasn’t changed then you might want to take a look at it.



I found that for some reason it is requiring ../../../
I’ve literally done nearly 1,000 themes and this has never happened before.


RapidWeaver 7 has a built-in web server, was added a month or 2 ago. That’ll probably be why.

Ok, no problem.
I am wondering though, will this break older themes that reference images in this fashion?