I've mostly used the auto compress tools in Squash 2 and am trying to figure out verison 3

The way I used to work with version 2 is I would just drag it in and the software would find a way to get the size a lot smaller and look nearly the same. Often when I drag the photos into version 3 it says the size has gotten bigger. When I have all the options to pick from in version 3 I find that I am not very good at getting significant reductions without the image looking worse.

For the moment I have kept using version 2 but I thought maybe there is something I am doing wrong. I would like to switch since it looks like there is a ton of advancements over 2 I am just not good and using them yet. Curious if anyone else felt the same way starting out with 3 and if you got around that.

Today seems to be doing a lot better then the other day I tried getting small image size. It set the default quality to 50% and yet still looks about the same as before and after! I think when I did that before it degraded substantially. Has anyone else had that experience? Maybe I missed a setting?

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