Japanese + Font Sizing

RapidWeaver wraps all Japanese (and possibly) other characters inside tags and defines the font family for that text. However, it also defines the font size. This clobbers the potential styles desired by the user. If would be great if the font size was not defined.

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I think this has been for a while…
I’ve noticed it since 3.5 maybe as made client sites in JP for a while.

Unless there’s a specific reason it’s most likely as Japanese has such terrible font support - this is probably an auto fallback.

As @yuzool notes, this isn’t a new behaviour. It’s also not something we’ll fix in time for 7.0.0, as it’s not a simple case of “just” removing the size property. Sorry.

I don’t think that its new behavior but thought now is as a good of a time to fix it as ever. Forcing JP sites to be 12px kind of sucks for them, no? At least make it 16px which is a more modern default size.

What if a class could be added to the span so it could at least be targeted more easily. (in addition to increasing the 12px)

Even better… instead of 16px, do 1em. Then it will inherit from the parent!

Hey Joe,

There’s so much of intricacy and nuance here, and what might appear to be a simple fix simply isn’t.

To give you some background: the size is not something we hard code (it‘s taken from the default text size inside RapidWeaver, which we get from the system, but can’t easily change because of some legacy cruft relating to how we determine whether to apply size modifications to text across every single RW site). In terms of impact, this is the first mention we’ve had about the issue that I can remember, and honestly the last thing we want to do is dive into the belly of the complex RW text processing system this close to beta.

Clearly that’s not to say it isn’t important. In an ideal world it’d be a simple fix, and we’d move on. But it’s not going to happen right now, and I’m hoping you can now appreciate why :wink:


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Probably because most Japanese users who are impacted don’t speak English. :wink:


Haha, yeah maybe.

We’ll get this all fixed up post RW 7 launch, probably for RW 8 (sorry it’s not sooner).

@nimblehost’s deadpan delivery. :joy: