Jline not loading since big sur upgrade

I have created a website with J-Line theme- which is up and running great. I opened today in RW8 to do an update and it’s all corrupted. Pages there but content missing on some- and layout changed. Won’t open as it was last saved. It was a massive project to do, many pages and links. I don’t want to have to redo. Tried time machine backup - same issue. Anyone know what could be going on? I went to my website host and can download the files but can’t find any .rw8 files. I do have an index.html but no .rw8

unless you asked to back up the file…only the html files will be there …not the project file…you might try time machine.
Love to see a url?

Joe everything is upside down. Time machine isn’t working either. I may concentrate on getting that sorted tomorrow and see if I have any luck. The website is caninecare.org and it’s Jline - I want to keep it but as I said when I try to load it in rw it’s not opening right ever since I upgraded to Big Sur. My other website that I did opens fine but not this one. It’s crazy. Don’t know what to do other than have to rebuild the entire thing again. Which is what I’m trying to avoid.

You do know that is a very old theme…very much needs to be updated.

yes but it worked ok a few months ago.

That is your project file…I am looking at the site…awful on devices.
And in my opinion only…very wordy…keep that for a pdf…
Another note: Ensure all your links open in a new page that are not on your site…otherwise they leave your site and may never come back.

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If the only thing that has changed is you’ve upgraded to Big Sur then it looks as though something in the upgrade has ‘broken’ the theme. As @joemart1951 says, this is a really old theme from Nick Cates who’s no longer working in the RW community and its age has probably finally caught up with it.

That’s not good news for you, of course, but that’s what it looks like.

Maybe another member of the forum has the theme and Big Sur and could check to see if the theme loads and displays for them?


Is that (” content missing on some- and layout changed”) happening in edit mode, preview or both?

I doubt that the theme (all though it needs to be updated has anything to do with the issues you are seeing.

My guess is that the project file has just gotten corrupted, and a backup (TimeMachine or equivalent) may be the only recourse you have.

Now if you can open the project in edit mode and the content exists and looks okay and you only see the issue in preview then try changing the theme.

I agree that time machine may be my only hope if I can figure out what went wrong with that as well. It does tell me that 'Image Shuffler" is missing but I don’t even use that for this website. When I go to edit mode some pages still missing and the layout is not as it should be. Background is not right either. I can change the theme but again it requires me doing all the backgrounds again. I guess I"m in for the work one way or the other.

What is telling you that (you said it)?

Not sure what issue you are having with TimeMachine. Hopefully, you can get an older versions to restore, this might help:

or This:

That pops up when I open RW. I got into Time machine and can’t find a RW8 file. I may have built the website with an older version of RW. But still bizarre that a few months ago I could open in 8 with no version and since I did the Big Sur upgrade it didn’t open intact. I’ve cracked and started doing in an updated theme - biting the bullet!

You can try to find the file with finder (or the finder in time machine).

  1. Type anything in the finder search bar to open the search dialog
  2. Hit the + button to bring up the extended dialog2021-03-07_11-59-42
  3. Make sure you have selected This Mac and choose File extension2021-03-07_12-00-11
  4. Set the File Extension to
    1. RW - for RW7
    2. RW8 - For RW82021-03-07_12-00-41

That is an incredibly old theme. Old enough that even I purged it from my RW install. However, I think I do have it saved in a backup. If you want me to give your project file a try on Big Sur with RW8, I’d be happy to to. Just PM Me.

You are a star! Thank you for that offer - but I broke down and rebuilt with new theme. How do you removed themes? That would be useful!

Had no luck ended up just doing it all over! Thanks though this is good info for future!

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