Joe Workman - please fix!

The deal of the week pop-up at can’t be dismissed/closed by tapping on the’X’ on an iPhone running iOS 13. Yo, @joeworkman, please fix.

It won’t even go away if I try to look at the deal.

I was actually going to to see if anyone’s built a site yet in F6, but I can’t get in because of the pop-up.

@joeworkman, do you have any F6-built sites I can go look at, especially on my iPhone?


Doesn’t work on Chrome either.

I have had a couple of people comment to me privately about this. I am having issues making this happen. I have tested an iPhone 8, 10, 11. Do you happen to have text scaling turned on?

The alert should never display once viewed or dismissed. If you simply view the alert, can you dismiss it?

Thanks for the screenshots, I am pretty sure that you have Safari set to zoom. If I set Safari to zoom, I can replicate it. I will contact the developer of the service to let them know.

I don’t know if I have zoom on or not.

Its something you would have enabled in the Safari iOS preferences. Its called page zoom

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