Joe Workman TotalCMS - Make File Dropzone (Admin) Smaller

Looking for a way to style the “File Drop Zone” on the admin side of Total CMS in order to make it smaller. Further is there a way to totally customize the look/style of the drop zone? Any help appreciated.

Its not customizable right now. What would you like?

For image admin stacks in the admin side: It would be nice to make them all shown same size. Right now they do get the proportion of the image. But styling the admin site would be better if all are the same size.
Sorry for entering this thread.

Thanks Joe for the quick response. No worries on the lack of ability at this stage…love TotalCMS. Looking forward the ability to have some more control over the size of the drop zones for File, and Depot on the Admin side would be nice IMO. Even something akin to the basic options on the Toggle size (Tiny, Small, Large) would be nice. I’m finding myself implementing Admin side solutions that get pretty crowded with the “large” drop zones as the only option. In an ideal world having the drop zones as a Stack would be great. In other word one could drop in an image, or use FontAwesome icons (for instance), or a button stack to create their own drop zone style/look. Anyway, keep up the AWESOME work. Thanks.

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