Join the New RapidWeaver Community Website — This forum will be read only soon!

As some of you already know we’re working on a new RapidWeaver Community Website and a new RapidWeaver Marketplace. The new Addon Marketplace is not ready yet, but the New Community website is now live.

You can read about our plans and changes here:

Right now, the New Community site is invite only as we’re trying to migrate things slowly.

So, how do I get an Invite?
To participate in this community, you’ll need to be a RapidWeaver customer. If you’ve recently purchased RapidWeaver you should have received an invite. If you don’t have an invite fill in this form and a member of the team will review your submission and send you an invite.

I hope to see you there!

Happy Weaving, and here’s to an exciting 2022!