JW Foundation: Where are the Global Stacks?

I just downloaded Joe Workman’s Foundation theme with add-on 1 & add-on 2. I’m following Rapidweaver Classroom’s tutorial (RW5 & Stacks 2) but I can’t find the Global Stacks! I looked under Templates but nothing is there. Any thoughts?

Yeah I’m new…


Hey Sands,

Stacks 3

If you are using Stacks 3, they are no longer available. If you have them on your RapidWeaver project file from before Stacks 3, they will be there but are called Legacy stacks. I suggest you watch the Getting Started with Foundation videos here:
and then also watch these videos:
Video One
and this one
Video Two

Stacks 2

If you are using Stacks 2, see this FAQ

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Thanks zeebe. No I’m starting fresh.

Microwaving some popcorn now.


:smile: Enjoy the show and the popcorn!!