Keep page info and stacks HUD open at the same time?

In RW 6 I was / am able to open the stacks info pane as a separate window while keeping the general info pane open as a sidebar. In RW 7 that doesn’t seem to work anymore. Am I missing something? Is there a secret keystroke alt-shift-cmd-f4-return-arrow-down or similar?

What do you mean by “general info” pane? The pane with all your webpages on it to the left (called source list), the stacks library, or page inspector?

The page inspector can be opened in a separate window by clicking the second “inspector” button on RW7 toolbar.

yes, I meant the page inspector. And when I open it, the stacks HUD disappears (it’s one or the other). With RW 6 it was different.

I can have both open. I open the Stacks Library as a sidebar,
and and the page inspector opens as a floating window, but I can have them both open as windows and or sidebars.

Can you go through the exact steps you take?

I am not talking about the Stacks Library. I am talking about the page inspector with its various tabs. However, I can’t seem to replicate it anymore, even with RW 6. Weird. I think I’ll go and have some fresh air.

Ok, glad it seems fixed.

Although the changes were pretty simple, it’s tough to talk about these things on the forum using words.

tl;dr: in RW6 Stacks has it’s own window modes. in RW7 Stacks uses the built-in RapidWeaver window modes.

So let’s start with some basic definitions:

  • RapidWeaver has an Info Panel. It has some tabs across the top and is for configuring every aspect of the selected page. It shows up with you click the “i” button in to main toolbar.
  • Stacks also has an Info Panel. It shows the settings of the selected stack.

OK, now let’s talk about how RapidWeaver 6 works…

In RapidWeaver 6 the RapidWeaver Info Panel can be hidden or displayed on the right side of the main window. There was no way to detach the RapidWeaver 6 Info panel from the main window. For this reason, Stacks allows you to detach the Stacks Info Panel from the RapidWeaver Info Panel – so you can view it either in its own window or in a pop-over.

OK, now let’s take about what changed in RapidWeaver 7…

In RapidWeaver 7 the RapidWeaver info panel can either be viewed like before (in the main window) or in its own window. This made having a separate set of window modes, just for Stacks pretty redundant – and confusing. So if you run Stacks inside RW7 it just uses the built-in RapidWeaver Info panel and its modes.

Hope that helps out.

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