Keywords and GEO tag

I am using RW 8.5
I have been keywording images in Adobe Bridge, GEO tagging them before putiing them into RW. I then ALT word the images. Once uploaded NONE of the Keywords, GEO tagging or ALT words appear when I drag the image from the screen into Photoshop, or drag it onto my desktop and press Get Info. Is the data stored elsewhere or am I wasting my time…? Thx

I’m guessing but Image metadata may be stored in so called XMP side car files and not in the image itself. I’m not familiar with Bridge but it is how Lightroom optionally handles this data. I have plenty of examples of this data embedded in a jpeg image and being retained on line.

It’s hard to say without a URL.

If when you say “ALT word” you are talking about the alt tag for the image, it won’t survive to drag and drop from a web page to a desktop or photoshop. It’s not metadata, but part of the HTML.

I’m not familiar with Adobe Bridge, but It could be how you are getting the image onto the desktop.

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