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Hi, been using the ‘Feature Banner’ on several pages of a website for months. Then, overnight it stops working (and Kinfolk developer never responds to support q’s…). Now, it just loads an image holding space which appears as blank space when the site is live.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

This is the code that’s previously worked:
#feature {background-image: url(“”);}

what’s the URL of the actual site?


Hi Rob, it’s

Looks alright to me. See attached.

It’s used on the 4th, 5th and 6th pages

From ‘about anjel’ on

Not the home page or the next two on the menu

So the first three pages don’t use the Feature Banner feature?

The URL to the image doesn’t look right to me. It ought to load on it’s own if you right click the broken image link and it doesn’t. Try changing the image name so it’s all lower case with no spaces or special characters. Then try again.


That’s correct.

And thanks, will give that a go

Hi Rob, tried that but no effect. The only other clues I can provide are that the ‘feature banner’ won’t even load in ‘preview’ mode when editing off-line. It flashes for half a second when you load the page, and then disappears to be replaced by the Question Mark / missing image icon.

As I said, it is very odd given it worked fine for 9 months, then stopped working overnight. Any other thoughts?

Why is there a in the address line - after the actual web address? Is it a sub domain?

Will have to check that with my host. It shouldn’t be…

I think Rob is onto something. If you try the url you have in your code (, it comes up empty.

If you just try your regular url: the image shows up.

Think that may be the issue. Or part of it.

Thanks Jason, I will definitely check that out!

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