Lightbox effect in the blog page

Is it possible to have a link in the blog page to activate a lightbox effect? I want to embed things like Youtube videos or audio files. If so, how? If not what are my options?

Depends what theme you’re using.

It is possible to add a lightbox effect to a theme, but it can be complicated. It might be easier to choose a theme that already includes a lightbox effect.

All the free and paid themes I distribute through ThemeFlood include the opensource Nivo Lightbox effect, and that can be used on blog pages. I’m pretty certain there are a couple of other theme developers that include lightbox effects too. Companies like SeyDesign include FancyBox in some of their themes.

The theme -Gamma- has a lightbox but I don’t see how to add it to the blog page.

Most theme developers provide documentation or instructions on how to use their themes. If the theme is advertised as having a lightbox, then this should be available for you to use in the blog. Perhaps ask the developer if you can’t find the instructions on their website?

Thanks. I am waiting to hear from them on a few issues.