Limelight Error

Hi All,

The above site I am having an issue with Limelight… None of the limelight launcher stacks seem to be functioning anymore and I can’t see any issues within Rapidweaver!

Any Clues ?

If you look in the browser console you will see a large number of JS errors - most of which seem to be coming from Facebook scripts. This is preventing the rest of the JS (including Limelight) from working.


Hi @tav,

That’s solved it!

Very strange as facebooks widget was working fine for quite some time…

Thanks for the reply!

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@tav do you have any recommendations for a Facebook page embed that would work alongside limelight?

Sorry, I don’t use Facebook so I have no clue

Anything will work with Limelight so long as it is not breaking the Javascript on the page. The above problem was not an incompatibility, it was just that the existing Facebook script was crashing - it may be possible to fix it, perhaps download the latest version and re add it to your page?

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