Limiting the number of forms sent

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #1

I’m trying to figure out if there is any way to limit the number of forms sent with Formloom3.
Suppose that the form is an entry for an event with a limited quota, say 40. What I would like is that you can not send more forms once the quota reached.

I hope I made myself clear.


I forgot to say that the data is stored in a MySQL DB on the server

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #2

I just received a response from Mike (Yabdab), is not possible.

(Christopher Watson) #3

I wonder if you could do this with a type of shopping cart?

Perhaps RapidCart Pro?
You could set the event up as a “product” and limit the “qty”…?

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #4

Thanks, I’ll explore that option.