Link to stylesheet after(!) closing html

With CSS consolidation a link to the stylesheet is produced after the closing html, it seems like a bug. Is it an known issue, is there any workaround to it? Thanks!

Page is located here:

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Can we get a sample project & theme showing the issue please?


Sure download the theme here:
And the project:

@Lucas We’re looking into it now.

I can re-create if with your theme and project, however, if I switch to another theme the issues goes away. Have tested with Allegro and Kiki, both are fine.

We’ve had zero other reports of this, so I wonder if it’s something you’re doing in your theme to cause this… maybe look at your theme again and see if it’s something you’re doing.

Solved, thanks Dan. I deliberated deleted the RWColourTagCSSFiles key from the plist, that caused the issue.

Good to hear, @Lucas. We’ve fixed the issue for the next RapidWeaver 7.1 build anyway, since we shouldn’t be doing what you saw :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting it!

Thanks Simon. Regarding the fix for the next build, that means that I don’t have to use the RWColourTagCSSFiles at all? That would be nice, for now I have to add a link to an empty stylesheet, otherwise I get the consolidated file after the closing html.