Linking Ecwid-Shop to RW

I linked my new Ecwid-Shop with a MarkdownPage to RW. The publsihing is finished. Everything looks great in Preview, but invisible online ? - What could it mean: Ecwid needs of course https. The Site til now is just http. The Provider opend for a subdomain Can I link a single page, the Ecwid-Shop, to a subdoaim? And if yes, where do I have to adjust the URL and domain?


This is Matt from Ecwid.

In fact, Ecwid doesn’t require your site to be on https. That’s highly recommended, of course, because every site nowadays should run on https. But your Ecwid store works well on http:// , https:// and even file:// (meaning you can open an html file locally on your computer and Ecwid will work there). By the way, in all cases, Ecwid itself will work over https (even on an http site) so all the orders and customers data is always transferred securely.

So, the fact that the store doesn’t appear on your site is not normal — please let us look into it and help you fix it. Can you share a link to the page where you have Ecwid installed?


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Hi Matt,

that is really an unsuspectful proposal of help. Let’s see if you really can help me. I wrote in this matter twice to Ben of RapidWeaver, who a month ago recommended Ecwid to his customers. Without any answer til now.

More helpful was my provider support, but they could’nt find out the reason of not working, because all the publishing settings seem to be correct.

On this Wix-Site, the „SeminarVerlag“ shop is working fine:

On this RW-Site, there is the constisting problem:

My Ecwidshop is

Until Wednesday I am in Berlin, thursday back home in France, from where we could look into the problemhopefullysolving.


Reto Andrea Savoldeli

And here I add a screenshot of the code inserted in a Markdown-page:


Thanks for the details and the links.

I opened the page in my browser and it worked just fine on both sites for me. Screenshot from : .

What browser do you use? Does the problem persist in other browsers for you?


It works finally. Thank you !