Linking to audio files in Audio 2

I hit up @yuzool about this just now but wanted to tap into the vast brain-collective that is the rapid weaver forum!

I have audio files on my site via the Yuzool Audio 2 stack. Is there a way to link to an audio file that is on my site directly?
For instance, I’d like to be able to send an email to somebody with the direct link to the audio file in the email instead of scrolling through my site.
Any suggestions/input here would be great.

Unless I’m missing something, can’t you just send them the link to the audio file that you’re setting in the Yuzool stack?

Don’t know anything about that stack, and @yuzool last seen on this or any RW forum was over 6 months ago.

If you want to link to a specific spot on the site then have a look at something like @joeworkman’s Free Link and Anchor stacks.

Tried Link and Anchor but I need to be able to link to specific audio tracks within a playlist.

Sounds like a job for @YuzoolSupport.


Dear Andy,

Please email us at directly and provide us with the specific example of what you need. We will look into it. Kind regards,

Yuzoolthemes Support Team

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I wanted to do something very similar once and used the PrivateEyes Stack from SeyDesign to hide and display certain stacks using query strings in the link address.

Not sure if @willwood replaced it with his free QueryDisplay stack if you want to try it out.

After re-reading your request, I think we already provide the feature you need. Isn’t just a matter of setting the link as shown in the image below? This is taken from Rapidweaver How-To.

I already emailed you guys/filled out the form. You never got back to me

Not been replaced.

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No. My issue isn’t related to linking to the ASSETS I want to have a public link so that I can (using your example/screenshot) send a link to the ‘Goldhound’ track.
ie,…Bob asks me ‘send me a link to that Goldhound track please.’ So I send him a link to the audio track instead of making him go to my site, scrolling through to find the track.

Nor would anything like that work with Audio 2 actually, sorry Andy.
I didn’t realise that I had Audio 2 but it must have come with a bundle so I tested it. Audio 2 uses it’s own items that you can’t use other stacks with unfortunately.

I think you might need to use a different page for the individual tracks. Or use something like Private Eyes or QueryDisplay to hide and show the correct content.

So instead of using the RW’s assets, upload the audio files you want to share to your web server and stick them in a folder called audio and then, in the Yuzool stack, link to those files instead of files stored in Assets. Won’t that work?

Sounds doable but thought this could be an easy function within a stack. Kinda looking like it’s not. :crazy_face:

You could manage this easily with

It’s one extra step and the only way - I think - of adding the kind of link you can use in the way you’d like to.

Dear Andy,

Maybe I am stupid or don’t understand, so please make me clear. To share a link as I understand is basically 3 steps as shown below.

  1. Set the link of the track.
  2. Make it downloadable.
  3. Copy the URL as shown and share it.

Alternatively, you can select the track where the MP3 is, and right click it and select copy link to share it. When that link is played, it will play only that track.

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This first method will only work if the file is warehoused and has a url. That’s not my case here. The file is linked locally “asset:…”

THIS, however WILL work. And apologies to everyone but this method should do the trick.
forehead slap

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Dear Andy,

Noted and no worries. I did have to read your post about 10 times to determine if I was misunderstanding something :-). Kind regards,

Yuzoolthemes Support Team


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