Links from within Blocks pages

Does anyone else find that Links created within Blocks pages will not work either to other pages on a RapidWeaver site or to external URLs? I am adding an edit to explain that this did not happen in RW 4 or 5 but now does in all RW 6 releases.

Blocks does have some minor RapidWeaver 6 issues if I remember correctly, although I’ve not used it outside when I did some support work in the past for Yourhead and they could have fixed those since. It’s not a plugin I’d use to make a site these days in the responsive world we live in - I’d use Stacks by Yourhead.

Do make absolutely certain they are not ImageText blocks you are trying to add links to - they build images which can’t fulfil the link. You need standard Text blocks.

I just tried and it did add a link successfully to a standard Text block without issues.

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Thanks, WebKarnage, I have had to give up on this problem as no-one seems to know why it happens or what to do about it. I am in the laborious process of recreating my sites ( &, using Stacks 3 but much preferred the design flexibility which Blocks provided.

Sorry for the slow reply.

Blocks is easy at first, and you might feel it’s offering design flexibility, but in terms of what matters on the web it’s serious limitations as it doesn’t work in the ways of the modern web. That drag and drop positioning system is a total hindrance when you start to think mobile or responsive.

Get used to the way Stacks works, think mobile/responsive, and your visitors will be a lot better off in the end.

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