Links in Cycler Not Working in Mobile Platforms

(Ross Lyons) #1

Hi we are using Joe Workman’s Cycler stack for some of our products on our mobile site. None of the links in the cycler work properly on a mobile device. Both Android & iPhone share this issue. When tapped, the links simply show the frame around the image. If you hold your finger on the link, the native menu appears to ask if you would like to open the link. Obviously, we need to automatically open when tapped.

This is really upsetting. Though I’ve tried many things to get these links working, any suggestions will be appreciated.

Here is the link to one of the pages with the Cycler:

Please view on phone, not the most attractive site outside of mobile currently. If the links are used on desktop, laptop, they work without issue.

(Joe Workman) #2

I just released a fix. Check for updates! :smile:

(Ross Lyons) #3

Excellent news!

Thank you for all of your help.

Also thank you for making great products. Between purchases made by myself or my boss, we have amassed 42 JW Stacks. Keep up the good work.

(Ross Lyons) #4

Hi Joe!

The links in the cycler have been working well. One thing though, it seems the custom touch navigation is gone. Any plans to put that back in? Or is there another way to make touch navigation functional that I’m not seeing? Thanks.

(Ross Lyons) #5

Didn’t realize we had another account. This is RLyons116.

(Joe Workman) #6

The touch navigation was the culprit that was breaking all links. No plans on bringing it back right now.

(Ross Lyons) #7

Thought it might be related. Thank you for the response.