Links to other web sites don't work - HELP

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Hi Andy. Just making sure you getting the answers you need in your other similar post? If yes it would be wise to withdraw this post to ensure you get answers from the community focused on one post. Best of luck.

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Thanks for posting one of the URLs. To help us would you explain a little further: from which site to which using which link?

The new web site is and the two web addresses are and


Am I right that you are trying to link



If so, you need to:

Note the http:// at the start of each URL.

How does this work?

BTW, I know the area (Bakewell, Matlock) well :slight_smile:

I don’t get the and

where does that go?

I would have thought I could just enter the web address and click the “chain link” button to make it active.

Ah. I see what you’ve done now.
Highlighting the text that you want to turn into a link, whether that’s simply the words “CLICK HERE” or an actual web address, then clicking the chain link button won’t make it active completely.

To make it into a proper link you have to then tell Rapidweaver where to link to by selecting URL and typing or pasting in the full address. Not just www.
ALL links on websites start with either:

https:// or http://

It looks like yours are http://
We shan’t complicate things by going into the whys of that right now. And I know everyone just says www to mean a website but honestly they all begin with the funny http thing first.

I hope this makes sense to you.


Richard has it spot on. Good luck.

Have you followed some of the documentation and videos for starting out with RW?

By the look of it you have your hands full with the guest houses. But it might save you some time in the long run.

Do ask back here if still not working :slight_smile:

All sorted. Thanks Richard

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