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Looking to implement a simple signup list, where people put their name down for an event. There are limited slots so the slots that are filled need to be seen. So I need some kind of two-way sync, preferably via mySQL but whatever…

Are you looking for something where people can sign up for events, or classes?

Just one-off events. It’s internal to the organisation. And we need to see the list of names as they are added.

If I am understanding this, you would like to have people be able to sign up for limited attendance one time events, where you can see a list of who is attending. I think that you could try a TeamUp calendar. We use this for our family history library (when we were still open pre-Covid and remodel), to allow library patrons to signup for classes where size was limited.
You can set the size of the event, like 4 or 15, or whatever # of patrons. There is the ability to create a report of who is attending, Name and Email address are the only two things that the calendar keeps track up.
I also embed the calendar into my RW page. Here is an example of that: Request Photo Editing Help | Family History Education
Idaho Falls FamilySearch Library | Teamup – This is just a link to the browser classes for our library now. There is no signup though for those, at present.
I have used this for about 4 years or so. One year we had a group come up from SLC, Utah to host a two day special event with multiple different classes going on. They required a signup so they would know how many were attending each class. They used our computer labs, and so they did not want to exceed the number of available computers in each lab.
I don’t know if this helps or not. Just FYI. It is free for 8 calendars, unlimited events though for each.

Thanks Stephen, much appreciated. It does sound very helpful, I will be sure to check it out.

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