Local Export.....hmmmmm

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I did an upgrade to 10.11 as my everyday OS, and reinstalled a lot of things, so I am noticing stuff as a ‘new’ user. I have been using RW7 a bit but not in a start-to-finish type of way like a normal user would.

I went to export to disc a new test project [no settings imported, RW 7 all new except for a few themes imported and plugins]. This is very unintuitive, to the point that I had to come here to the forums to see where exporting went after looking for a few minutes. I know the reasoning for moving it to the publishing settings, but from a user perspective here is what I saw:

I went to the FILE menu, there was no longer an Export Site option…why did RW remove this? Am I that dumb or what, am I missing something? Grrrrr…

After figuring out that EXPORT was no longer in the menus and had been moved to the publishing area, I stared at the publishing screen for quite a while. Finally figured out it was under the Publishing Method area. The name ‘Untitled Destination’ was not very helpful, but at least I think it added it to the Publishing Menu.

Only by accident did I realize the Untitled Destination text was editable, not obvious at all…and do I have to ‘Add To Bookmark’ to save? Seems like not necessary, but again not intuitive at all.

You have taken a menu item and moved the option to settings screen and area, and under a drop-down. Previously the menu item Export Site… pops up a location to browse for export. Now you have to set it up as a publishing option. No one is going to find this…

As a new or old user of RW, I would find this very frustrating, looks as if local exporting has been removed. A bit of info on the publishing screen would help a lot , explaining ‘Local Folder’ vs FTP or something like that, anything to point to local exporting.

Personally the change makes sense from a workflow point of view, and nice to have a quick way to publish locally in a variety of places without picking a folder each time. It is just not even remotely obvious how you do this now.


FYI the "(?) You can now use Handoff "-- links to a nonexistent site, it is forwarding to http://help.realmacsoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/200167091-Publishing-Overview

PS. The live browser preview updating is addictive :yum:

Maybe an option would be to leave the Export... in the File menu and have it re-direct to the Publishing Settings pane and give the user some instructions on how to use the new, better system the first time they come across it?

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That was what I thought. Maybe even changing ‘Publish Site…’ to “Publish / Export Site…” in the menu would be enough to send users to the right place. I am sure I assumed the export setting was somewhere else, that is what threw me. A blurb letting the user know they are in the right place should be enough I would think.

I have to admit this one stumping me for a minute or two as I stared at the screen hitting Cmd-Shift-E over and over.

And that’s even after I read the release notes and I KNEW THE FEATURE WAS COMING – old habits die hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I think I’d do:

Keep the key commands

Key commands are a binding contract. You don’t get to change them. Ever. I’m not joking.
Since Apple changed New Folder in the finder to Cmd-Shift-N (or is it the other way – I honestly don’t know) I can’t ever do that anymore. I fuck it up every single time. I can’t unlearn key commands. And I’m definitely not alone. The export key command should get the user to the right place to set up a local publish – even if there’s no menu to correspond to those key commands. Add a hidden button and give that the binding. It’s trivial engineering wise and will save everyone (especially me) a ton of frustration.

Pull features on a point release

Consider temporary menu command(s) that gets pulled at 3.1. No matter when you pull any feature some users will moan and gnash their teeth and hate you. They’ll get over it, because the new way is better – but they’ll still make a big fuss for a few days. Do you want that fuss during the bug release? NO! Better to move that fuss to a point release when when you’re not under the harsh floodlights of a paid upgrade release.

Rename the menu item – a little

Give it the temporary menu a transitionary name: “Local Publish Export” – something that bridges the gap between the future “everything is publish” and the past “some things are export”.

NB: I don’t really know what I’m doing on this stuff. I’m totally making this up as I go along. :wink:


Thanks for the feedback, this is perfect.

We’ll see what we can do :slight_smile: