Locker stack not working in rw 7.5?

(tomas nittner) #1

friends and neighbours, after quite some time (actually some years) i wanted to use the “locker” stack today. funny thing happened, it wouldn’t accept any stack it was offered. just no way!i am running 7.5, maybe that’s the problem, the stack not working together?
puzzled, tomas

(Joe Workman) #2

The latest version hides the dropzone area by default. Do you have that setting turned on?

(tomas nittner) #3

hallo @joeworkman, so nice to hear from you - the chef and pundit himself ! quick question: where do i turn that setting on? i checked in the info of the stack and couldn’t find anything but mayber i was was just to dumb to look in the right palces :slight_smile:cheers, tomas

(Michael M.) #4

There is a little checkbox in the stack configuration (right side). You can check or uncheck to open the drop zone

(Joe Workman) #5

I just released an update that disables the collapse feature by default This was confusing way too many people. I just shipped v1.2.1

(tomas nittner) #6

thank you all! very helpful!
greetings, tomas

(system) #7

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