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Amazon has a very neat function on its many web sites called Look Inside, click on a book cover tagged with “Look Inside” and pop up window appears showing sample pages from the book. Are there any Rapidweaver stacks that do the same? If there are, which one do you recommend? If there’s not, would any developer like to create one? Book publishing, print of digital, is a huge international market; most publishers are mac-based…

Look Inside (or search Inside) is a laborious process which typically takes Amazon 8 weeks to deliver for their signed up ‘look inside’ sellers. Cleary a proprietary Amazon system which involves scanning / copying from a physical or electronic copy of the book.

There’s no stack to magically do this bit. However, you could convert selected pages to a PDF either by scanning or exporting from an electronic version, and put that inside a scrolling PDF viewer such s PDF Embed from Joe Workman or Embed from Stacks4Stacks.

I also like this feature on Amazon.

However, I don’t think that you would require a dedicated stack to get something similar onto your web page. Using my Platform framework, I would use a Modal stack and display the pages inside it, e.g. as a PDF or even as images in a grid…

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Platform is available at: https://platform.barth-partners.com

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@manofdogz Amazon create their Search Inside from PDFs supplied by the publishers.

You could try something like this: https://www.instantflipbook.com/ It isn’t cheap but it is very good. This one is a lot cheaper and seems to do much the same: https://www.pdf-flip.com/index.html

I made you a rough example with Platform, @tonyf. Please excuse its “plainness”!


I used Section X from Weavium


I self-published a book and wanted to show some content:

It needs a little bit of work to set up (I used jpeg files) but it does the job.

@Kilburnlad Thanks for sharing! I just bought the book for my wife who is learning French. I “should” be learning French (as we spend a fair amount of time in Paris) but my day job requires too much time from me as is. I’ll use your book when I retire!

Hi Jay, this is very interesting. If you look at my web site, you’ll see I sell digital books for lots of publishers <www.intrinsicbooks.co.uk> I’ve been thinking about adding short previews of titles to the web site. Would using your solution mean transitioning the web site to a Platform theme? Or can it be integrated i to existing web sites. What format was your source text? PDF? Ideally, I’d like to offer about 6 pages per book as an example = cover + 5 content pages.

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Hi Anthony, I will reply with a PM.

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