Looking for a path to allow visitors to my site to vote on their favorite image

Good day all~. Any thoughts on this request and/or where to look? Nothing fancy, just a simple vote count based on 20x images. Appreciate any assistance you can give. Cheers

Hi @mzscapes,

What page type are you using to display your photographs? There are some stacks out there for giving likes that might work if you are using a stacks photo gallery. Not sure if there are any advanced voting stacks out there that can give more metrics/stats. What kind of voting features are you looking for?

Hi Dan~. Many thanks for responding. Thinking that a stack with likes will do the trick. Want to be able to track the images by vote or like and then re-sort by hi to low (manually most likely).

Your recommendation. I use a combination of galleries :: Montage 2, Light page base, Image gallery (CosCulture).

mark zborowski


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No problem.

A few stacks I found that might work:

Rating stack by @willwood

Rate It stack by @Doobox

Love It stack by @Doobox

There might be some more I’m missing, but the above are some good ones to check out.

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Hi @mzscapes

I have sent you a private message with some details and screenshots of new plugins I am developing.

Based on what you describe you want, I think one of these plugins might tick all the boxes (no pun intended), in regards to voting.


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