Looking for a web designer who has worked with Foundation theme/stacks

(Dan) #1

Hi All,

Just looking for info on where I might be able to find web designers that are familiar with Joe Workman’s Foundation theme and stacks. I bought his $99 bundle and played around with it. Read the docs, watched the tutorials, but design has never been my strong point and I’d rather focus on other aspects and let a professional handle the web design part. I’m not sure if solicitations are allowed here or not, so if not please move this thread to whichever forum it would be most appropriate in. I’d just really like to know…

  1. Could I get some recommendations from people who might know of a web designer who could make a slick looking website with Foundation?

  2. If you are a web designer yourself, I’d be interested to check out your portfolio and go from there if I like what I see.

Thanks everyone in advance for your advice/recommendations. :smile:


(Andrew Tavernor) #2

Try the RapidWeaver google + community here (most of which is Foundation)

There are hundreds of Foundation users who will be more than happy to help and even a section for website sharing.


Hi Dan,
Have a look at http://www.computerhomefix.com/webdesigncardiff/ and http://www.computerhomefix.com/webdesignblog/?category=Web%20Site%20Design .

Would be glad to help you out.