Looking for theme with floating title bar / menu bar

Hi there,

I am looking for themes which allow a floating title bar, in particular on the bottom part of a page on mobile devices. One example is the current Amazon (iOS) app, which provides for something like this:

Does anybody have a nice hint? Unfortunately, there is no way to get test licenses for themes, at least not to my knowledge. The usual suppliers (e.g. Elixir, Realmac, Nick Cates, etc) force you to imagine the appearance of the final website on the basis of their description or just to buy a theme, more or less blindly.

Any comments appreciated. Thanks.

Thomas Placzek, www.statenkliniek.com

To be fair both Elixir and NCD have extensive previews of their themes so it’s very possible to get a good idea of the capabilities. If you’re looking to try themes before you buy, then I think Themeflood is the only place to go.

You could certainly create an icon-based menu like this one using Foundry and its Icon Bar stack.


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Thanks for your reply. You are right, most of them do have previews, I know. Still, the devil is in the detail. So, trying before buying would be nice.

With Foundry, I didn’t dive into that. But it looks that I have to. I guess I am not enough professional to build things really from scratch.

For Foundry you can use the themes from Egomade: https://egomade.com
And ask about it in Elixirs forums: http://discourse.elixirgraphics.com

Or me :slight_smile:

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