Main Content Formatting

(andrea) #1

Hello i will try to show my question ( sorry for some english mistakes )
I need to have a Main Content Responsive but… not to fill full page when you watch it maybe with iMac 27’’… because if i have 4 text raws , if i stretch it to full screen , the 4 raws became 1 long raw u konw what i mean?
Instead i want main content Responsive for iPhone, iPad portrait and landscape and full width with limits fit.
I ’ ve attached some screenshots to try to understand better my issue.
Thank you so much for your help.

(Markus Frieauff ) #2

Which theme are you using. What you need is simple a limited page width (the page will be the area within the red lines, everything around it will just be the body.

(andrea) #3

This is CARDINAL THEME by Michael David Design.
But there is a way to do it with all themes?
How can i do what u are saying please?

(Markus Frieauff ) #4

I took a look at the theme on MDD’s site. Seems to be a fullscreen theme with no option to limit the page width. That makes things nasty. I would opt for another theme if you need that functionality.

(andrea) #5

Could i do it with Flexible or Fixed size Stacks? Or maybe there is some stacks to do it?

(Markus Frieauff ) #6

That is not something that has to do with the fixed/flexible setting of a stack. The theme defines a container which limits the width of the entire page content. And some themes don’t do that, but use the entire space of the screen. Like Cardinal. Simply go through the themes in your RW app and switch the page to another one to try. You will immediately see that many themes limit the width of the page, most of them have various presets for the width, so you can adjust it yourself.
Of course switching the theme requires a lot of adaption but it is still the best way to change things. If you simply put all your content in a stack you can limit its width as well, but the elements that are not included in the stack (e.g. the page header, menu etc.) will still go further to the sides.