Menu bar difference wanted Desktop vs. Tablet

I am in the process of designing a new project using RW8 with the Foundation theme and Stacks; And if necessary I will add Stacks 4. But my question is: I like the PayPal website how it has a different menu than on a tablet. Just look for yourself:
Also look on the other device for the difference.

Who knows how to create this (the different menu bars: on desktop with a pulldown and on a tablet a hidden left menu) in RW? I am suspecting the PayPal team is using RW too…

use topbar for desktop and off canvas for tablet and below.

Hi Scott,
Do you know if you can put a button stack in the Off Canvas? And which pop-up window would you recommend?

You can set off-canvas to Stacks drop zone instead of default nav. That would allow you to put buttons in the off-canvas. There are alot of good modal & light box stacks. Foundation has Reveal Lightbox already, Big White Duck has Limelight which is quite flexible.

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