Migrating my new store ..... what could be the best strategy


I have an online store that is live. For about 4 months, I have been developing a new store and for testing purposes, have put the store into a subfolder (test) of the root. Next week, I plan to go live with the new store in the test folder. What would be the best strategy to migrate from new to old? If I first delete everything that is in the root now, it will take 2 - 3 hours at least to delete all items + another hour to upload the new items. My first time doing this … so, I’d like to have a time-efficient way to be “offline” as little as possible resp. to have the migration done as quickely as possible …

Hi George,

If I understand you correctly, then personally I would use an FTP client — like Transmit — to log onto my server to do the ‘switch’.

First I would create a new folder in the root directory and call it for example OldStore. Then I would drag and drop the contents of the current Store folder into that. Then I would drag and drop the contents of the Test folder into the (now) empty Store folder. Depending on the speed of your server this would likely take a matter of minutes rather than hours.

This way, if it doesn’t work to your satisfaction after testing, you can always revert back to the original within a very short time.


Hi Marten,

thank you very much! The migration went all well. I have a back of the store on my dropbox now and the works just fine :smile:

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