Migration from DW

Hi, I have a website with over 2,000 pages that uses DW templates.
Is there anything like DW templates in RW?

Welcome, geoff!

No, you’ll have to bring all your data into RW manually. Different structures and concepts entirely.

You won’t regret it.

Probably in your case, the best thing to do is scrape (select and copy) all the text on your site, grab or save the images, and paste them into the appropriate Themes within RW. Good luck!

Be sure to google search on migrating to RW from DW because another person posted about it recently and I and some others wrote really long responses to them to give them a heads up in RW. Try various google searches or search here until you find the postings. 2000 pages is a lot. I would suspect some automation of page making would help you but RW does not have automation. It does have themes. Adobe’s products tend to have features that streamline, automate, large amounts of work… I wonder if you used such things if they exist in DW? If so, I wonder why you’d leave it except myself I don’t like “Rental Ware” and I suspect many leave for that reason.

My objection to DW is indeed the charging method.
I used to use other programs in the CC package, and have for years, but more and more I find that everything other than DW is now done better elsewhere.
Resolve paid edition for video, Capture one for photography.
So, all I need from Adobe is DW but a full CC subscription is 49.99, the discounted one I have, because I left and went back is 29.99.
A single prog used to be 9.99 but last year they increased that to 19.99.
What is going to happen next?
I use templates to quickly update navigation and sponsors logos/links. This looks like a lot of work any other way.
I’ll download RW and have a go :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Forum,

RapidWeaver will take care of the basic navigation of a site. For something as complex as a site, you are describing your probably going to want to have a look at the stacks plugin.
Stacks has a couple of things that would work similarly to the template in DW. Partials and Externals, they would help you with complex navigation or placing the same logos and links on multiple pages.

As you get going feel free to post any questions here, there’s always a bunch of good folks around that will help you out.

I dropped all the Adobe products when the started their subscription pricing years ago. That had a real monopoly on some of their products and it was difficult to find replacements when they first cutover to the monthly fee model. Now you can find multiple projects for everything they make. Competition is a good thing, it tends to keep the creativity going.

Most of the RapidWeaver addons are single multiple domain purchases. There are a few exceptions like some of the shopping cart and CMS options.

Just a heads up, if you want to find a previous post, you don’t want to ”Google Search”. The forum software has a very good internal search function built-in. The magnifying glass on the top right corner.

Once you select it there is an option link that allows you to narrow(posted by, posts in a category, etc) and reorder(latest post, relevance, etc) the search results. Much faster than any external search.

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