Mirage theme logo problem on mobile phones

(Mark Todd) #1

I thought I’d check here first to see if anyone has seen OR had a solution to this problem. The logo in the Mirage 4.0 theme is not displaying correctly on my iPhone. It looks fine on an iPad and a computer … but on the iPhone, it is too large and sits behind the menu bar covering the text below it.

Here’s a link if anyone would like to see for themselves: http://www.countyseatrealty.com

(David) #2

Your logo file is quite huge and is also at 300dpi. Try changing it to 72dpi and reducing it’s dimensions to the size you need it to be displayed at.

DPI Height: 300
DPI Width: 300
Has Alpha: 1
Pixel Height: 1,025
Pixel Width: 1,425
Profile Name: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

(Mark Todd) #3

Thanks for the input. Sizing it down did help a lot … however, to make it look just right, I made the logo a part of the banner image (keeping the size at 72 dpi as you suggested), and it works fine now.

Thanks again for your help!