Missing page in RW v7

I have a page that displays after a user submits a contact form. I need to make font adjustments but the page is not listed in the left column with all the other pages on my site. I’m not sure how a page could exist without being in that list.

How do I add the page so that I can adjust the fonts? This is the page URL
https://terryiversonphotography.com/request/request-success and is listed under Page Redirect the Inspector, last Icon, under again the last sublistings.

I know I created the page originally, but must have done something to remove it from the list of pages on the left.

Sounds as though you deleted it from the project - which is why it’s not in the list on the left - but left it on the server - which is why it’s still available on the web. If you use the Backup option in the publishing setup you may be able to get it back by downloading the project file but it may be simplest to just recreate the page again. It doesn’t look complicated and may be the simplest solution.


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