Mixingdeck stack problem

I have the mixingdeck stack and about 6 months or so ago I put a video in it. I’m trying to change that and cannot find where the file name goes.

The instructions say: “To do this, double-click the HTML placeholder in Stacks edit mode (within the MixingDeck stack).”

But all that shows is a rectangle with an X. No placeholder. Don’t remember how I got is in there the first time.


Can you see the stack itself? At the top it should say ‘Double click the playlist to edit.’

Once you do that you’ll see the paths to the various MP3s and videos you’ve added.

Or have I misunderstood?


All I have on the screen is the rectangle that says MixingDeck in the top border and an x in the corner.

Even if I put a new mixingdeck stack on another page, that is all I get.

I just downloaded it again and now it works. I guess there is an update that doesn’t get triggered when you look for updates.