MultiGamma Theme: ?s on bkgd and extra content

Hi, folks –
In the Gamma theme, by Multi, does anyone know how to make the Page Background, under “Colors Page and ExtraContent 3” in the first edit menu TRANSPARENT so that the PAGE text and image on my cover page would seem to float over the page image? Also I don’t need or want the Extra Content 2 and Footer. (I colored it purple just to see where it was but want to completely eliminate it. Is this possible?) If I need some code to do that, could someone maybe please tell me where to put it or what to do and how? Thanks so much!

I also don’t see any instructions anywhere on how to put a pattern or photo on the background parallax? There is a box to check if you want to use it, but I don’t see anything in the manual that tells how.

Thanks so much!

(Actually, I wanted to put the logo – the old ship – in FRONT of the title (at left of it) instead of at the left of the text, but I put it next to the text because it looks funny under the menu bars (upper right) and out of place there. I might not use it at all. But I do want that white background under the text to disappear and the purple bar, which is the "ExtraContent 2 Colour and Bkgd) to disappear as well. It could be clear, or – if it cannot be removed altogether, I could try to match the blue color of the photo below it that is the overall background of the Cover Banner.