Multilingual Page + CMS

Does RWML work with Easy CMS? If not, what would be the best solution to make pages bilingual? Thnaks for advise.

Pulse CMS + Stacks is able to do so.


Yes, Easy CMS will work with RWML

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It is an already existing web page. (30 Pages). RWML would come on top… As far as I see, I have to rebuild the whole pages (including ADMIN) again with RWML, right?

Is there an alternative solution?

If you are asking about RWML and having to remake the site, I am not sure on that, as I have not used it. I just know of many people who have used Easy CMS or Total CMS with RWML. If you are asking if you have to redo the pages for Easy CMS, then my answer would be kind of. You need to add the CMS components into the pages that you want to use it on, then copy and paste content from normal stacks to CMS stacks.

Sorry my mistake, a lack of information. The Page is already done in Easy CMS. It works perfect. Now the client decided to add a second language. As far as I can see there are two ways to do it. One: RWML (And set up the whole pages again - more or less.
Two: Copy Paste the whole pages and set it up in the 2nd language.

Yeah, again, not sure on that as I have never used it, hopefully someone here can help you out with that.

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