Multiple copies of same stack?

Not only safe, but recommended. In fact, please just delete and reinstall a fresh copy from our website.

I’m afraid I don’t have much to do with this bit. It looks to me like an installer has gone off the rails here. Both the installation and updating of plugins is the job of RapidWeaver, so I think we should report this one to @tpbradley.

That said, I would strongly advise to remove RapidBlog. It was decommissioned last year and does not work well with modern Google APIs, modern RapidWeaver, or modern Php. If you search these forums you’ll find that someone has created a nice stack to replace it using (and updating) the original RapidBlog Php code.

Maybe a time to do a once-over on the whole add-ons directory. It’s always a good idea to only install the plugins you’re currently using. Disable all the others and RW will run faster and with fewer issues.