Multiple Page Exports

I noticed that when you have multiple simulator windows open now, the page seems to get exported for preview that same number of times. This was not always the case. If I have 3 simulator windows open, the page clearly get exported 3 times and I have to wait quite a while until that is complete in order to see my preview.

I didn’t provide details because its pretty obvious in any project.

  • Create a new project file
  • Add a Styled Text page
  • Open 3 simulator windows.
  • Type in any text into the page

Watch the bottom left corner of the RW window with the export progress. You will see that the page is exported multiple times.

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Either this was fixed, or what you’ve described is really hard to see (for me). I only see the spinner spin for a moment, then all the simulation windows update. On a project with just a single text page and a bit of text I can hardly see the spinner spin at all. It’s << less than a second.

I even went a step further and created something I know is really slow to export: a stacks page with a large rotated image.

It sure looks like it’s only doing one export to me.

I can verify in code what’s actually happening – but I just thought I’d post before digging in – because I’m definitely not seeing what you’re seeing.


I’ll have to record a video. The spinner for the export restarts the same number of times as I have simulator windows. It could be a prefernence. I’ll play around some more to see if I can figure it out.

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I wrote a bit of extra code to mark each export with an index number that increments whenever RW calls the export routines and inject that into the code so it’s visible on the page (just for testing).

Result: all simulation windows show the same export index – and the index counter only increments by one each time.

The only caveat: as you open a new simulation window a superfluous export is done instead of just displaying the content from the previous export. The result is that the new window shows a different index right after it opens. However as soon as a change is made to the document and another export is run all windows, including the newly opened one, are updated and again have the same index.

I kind of think there must be something else going on with your setup – that we’re not comparing apples to apples. Here’s my test setup can you confirm you have identical setup:

  • RW8.0.1 (20080)
  • Stacks 3.6.2b1
  • No other plugins installed (esp PlusKit and Sitemap which can cause extra exports!)
  • New document
  • One stacks page
  • One text stack
  • No other content, no scripts, no css, no nothin’
  • Built in theme

Not seen any other report of this and didn’t manage to reproduce it.
I do wonder what’s going on, maybe it is something specific to your setup…

A video or a way to re-produce this would be good :+1:


Here is a video of me creating the issue.

OK, watched your video with excruciating detail. Tried as hard as I could to repeat exactly what you’ve done.


Definitely looks different on my machine. I don’t ever see anything like this.
I got nothin.

At this point I think I have to write it off as a race condition – because I can’t see any further discrepancies between our environments.

Seems like this issue is probably outside of Stacks as you’re seeing it in all page types. So I’m going to beg off and leave this one for @dan and @simon

Any other developers seeing this??? I’m curious if it’s common or rare.

@joeworkman We haven’t fully tested it in RW8 in Mojave yet, so it could well be something to do with that…

I’ve not seen or heard of any other reports of this, do you have another Mac you can test/re-create this on?

Sure. I will perform the same test on my MacPro later today. I am pretty sure that I have seen the same behavior though.

OK. Good call @dan. I cannot replicate this on my MacPro running High Sierra. This could definitely be a Mojave bug. I don’t think that Mojave is far off though. So I wouldn’t delay too much. :slight_smile:

Can you replicate this on Mojave?

Thanks, we’ve got this ticketed to look at for 8.1 / Mojave.


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I’m running mojave and can’t replicate this. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Maybe just on laptops with silly thin keyboards?

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Aww man. We’ve got this ticketed to look into, not sure how far we’ll get if we can’t re-create it but we’re going to look into it regardless.