My accordion plug-in page suddenly does nothing

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Hello forummembers. I updated some page on my website. And suddenly the pages made with the accordion plug-in from yourhead stop with acordionning.


I recently updated to RW7. I have the latest plug-in version. I i make a new project with an accordion it works???

what is wrong??

Do i have to rebuilt these pages

greetings dirk v

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It looks like you have some javascript errors on your published page.

When you say latest version of Accordion, can you see the exact number?

I would check with @isaiah or send a support ticket to support AT yourhead DOT com Or maybe double check that the theme is the latest version? @willwood has taken over Henk’s themes. It looks like 4.1 is the latest for your theme.

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Hi Jason,

i use waterfall. stalker-wide shows version 2.2. Have to check my paddle account with will wood.

So it might be a theme thing.


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The problem seems obvious – many JS errors – however what is causing them is not so obvious. There is a lot of JS on the page. Probably a case of a couple things that just don’t get along well together.

I would recommend keeping things a bit more simple to keep the page free of JS errors. However if you’d like help identifying the exact culprits I might (with a bit of time and effort) be able to help pinpoint it. You’ll need to send the file in question

However in cases like this where there are several scripts running side-by-side there is likely no real “fix” – other than simply removing one or the other.

If you’d like the more expedient approach, I’d recommend copying the page content to a new page – without all the extras – and then add in each of the extras you want – testing after each. When you find the thing that makes it die – remove that and stop.


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OK, thanks!

I removed the pluskit page import in the header. Now the accordion is back.


ir. Dirk E.J. Vermeulen

+31 (0)33 465 32 70

skype: ir_dirk_vermeulen

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importing various page types into each other is always the most risky. it works best with simple pages without much JS. with more complex pages it’s hit and miss whether the various things will get along well.

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