Navigation drop down and link not working on big windows

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Here comes the problem, the navigation bar isn’t clickable or is not responding to a browser with a big window, but as soon as i make the browser window smaller it can be clicked and it responds. the only thing that
“fixes” this is if i turn on the “Desktop Navigation: Fixed Position” option the the master style section.

I am using the shape theme from @MultiThemes .

the test site is uploaded at

PS the first entry “YO” in the homepage, the title is a permalink and it shows the same problem as above.

Hope someone could help me,

**(update) Managed to fix the Navigation problem by setting the header height to 250 Pixel. (still want to know why it’s problematic on smaller header size though)

1 last issue i’m having is the “YO” entry or as i’ve found out the latest blog entry will have the problem above.

**(2nd Update) Managed to fix the last issue that i was having by using a header to a non-stacks page and using a Spacer stack by @willwood for the stacks pages.

**(3rd Update) Issues have been fixed by @MultiThemes

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Hi @j3yps
We got your email yesterday and we are working on it.

in your link the issue appear on large screen only and it seems a bug. I’m checking the template to find the issue. I’ll let you know via email before the official upgrade.

if you need a refund send us an email.
hope this helps

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Maybe I found the problem and depends on the current page setup.
In this theme you can choose the responsive behavior of the graphics (curves).

If this option is not active, the top extracontent (1) must have a minimum height greater than 200pixel (this is the height of the curve graphics).
In the demo project you can find examples with similar settings.

Try to enable this option or use the minimum height of EX1 greater than about 250px (as you did in your tests)

let me know

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Hi @MultiThemes,

It’s good to know that my email was received, i greatly appreciate that you take your time to respond to my problem in this forum. I understand that we have a time difference and i am also aware that you have a handful of emails and problems that you’re fixing and tending too. but maybe an acknowledgement that the email was received or something could be issued in the future, so that we’ll know that i can expect a possible fix to the issues that we’ll be facing. :slight_smile:

Back to the issue

Unfortunately the solution you posted did not help with the issue. It makes the navigation unresponsive again (even with the EC height set to 200pixel or greater) the 1st entry (or the top most stack) in a stack page needs to be a text or something other than a link, because if it’s a link it will not be responsive.

Upon checking on the “1st entry on a stack page” problem it seems that if i set the spacer to have a height of less than 26pixels the links will not work. But they will work if the spacer’s height is around 26 and up.

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can you send me the first page of you project? I would check the setting.

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I made a page that has a problem, here’s the link:

you can see the problem that i am describing on the 1st stack entry, those buttons should be clickable but they are not on a large screen.

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without a file I’m not sure to find the problem but you can try this CSS in your example.

#navcontainer { position: relative !important; }

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That didn’t work for me.

ot sure if this will help but, here’s a locally published version of the site!wh13lDIS!JRKN-J6tw7KIqGVh04sAPJn3z6EjGLiseMWwsVJn1R4

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@j3yps sorry for the misunderstanding, I mean the page of the RW7 project, just one page. send me an email please. thanks

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@MultiThemes mail sent

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mail sent with demo and the modified theme


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@j3yps thanks for the collaboration! We’ve released the update with the fix.

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Thanks for working on this, i appreciate it big time!

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excellent support from MultiThemes as ever