Need a Stripe Cart

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #42

Great update for an awesome shopping system for RW!

(Bruce Kieffer) #43

How does Title of Cart work? I change it in this setting, and RW crashes every time I preview.
28 AM

(Michael Frankland) #44

Thanks @bruce - it tested fine but can see an error. Will push this out today with other updates too :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #45

And we’re here again!
Cart 2.2.6!

  • Fix Cart Title error (as @bruce mentioned above)
  • Added “continue shopping text” instead of X as an option - any text can be used here --> thanks for this request by email
  • Added Cart scroll on many items - so can reach the checkout buttons if you have people buying lots of stuff! (if you’re lucky to have customers add so many items to the cart!)

Scroll Cart

Continue Shopping Text

Keep selling your stuff in RW with Cart 2 :white_check_mark:

(Bruce Kieffer) #46

Beautiful! Thanks Michael.

(Michael Frankland) #47

Here we go! Another day, another Cart2 update! :slight_smile:

Cart 2.2.9 - Free update has been sent out :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for the feedback again. In particular, @SteveB and @webdeer for their feedback and careful emails with details.

This version is a really solid, sophisticated cart that is flexible enough to work in any layout.

They are flexible buttons - you bring the layout: Foundation, Foundry, Columns, Poster Stack by @instacks - and Steve has a powerful demo of that to share hopefully one day. Looks like a database driven ecommerce site. And there’s also the recent excellent RW project by Gary (Webdeersign’s latest Project 14 and Template6 are now available)

Some of the key new things:

Agree to T&CS is now an optional pop-up link

Order to pickup (or cash on delivery/PO/bank transfer) It’s a link to a RapidWeaver Form you can use to gauge interest and start the conversation to convert leads

Out of Stock Variables non selectable

Variables on one line - dropdown and Buy Button

SubTotal in the Cart Button Stack

Cart Styles - take off the shadows and Flat look!

Button Settings

Here’s the complete version history run-through:

Cart 2.2.9

  • NEW - Cart value (subtotal) option added to View Cart button which displays on page load. Thanks SteveB!
  • NEW - Style the Pop up better. Take off shadows and radius for a more flat look. Thanks SteveB!
  • NEW - Redirect Stripe payment to success/thank you page - no longer just success message printed on page. Can also control the delay of this if you want to see the message then redirect.
  • NEW - Buttons now have width settings! Auto, 100% or a custom px width. Thanks SteveB!
  • NEW - Button, dropdown and label all appear on one line option! Make your pages look a little nicer. Thanks SteveB!
  • NEW - Terms and Conditions text can now also be a link. Create a terms page and link to it (new window is best) or trigger a modal if you have those chops. Thanks SteveB!
  • NEW - Order to pickup (or cash on delivery/PO/bank transfer) link added to bottom of cart popup. Link this to a RapidWeaver form to collect name, address, email, telephone and a text area for info on the order. Then contact them to follow-up, check the order and close the lead. Thanks SteveB!
  • UPDATE - Margin settings added to dropdown so hidden spaces can be altered. Thanks SteveB!
  • UPDATE - Options are now disabled when out of stock and can’t be selected. Thanks Gary!
  • UPDATE - Scroll arrow no longer visible in all browsers on select items for product variables - looks cleaner
  • UPDATE - Alignment added to “agree to terms”
  • FIX - Remove ugly Firefox only drop down arrow for product variables
  • FIX - Firefox alignment of dropdown for product variables now aligns correctly
  • FIX - Variable options aligned better on mobile
  • FIX - dropdown in Designed Theme
  • FIX - return/success URLs added note has to be full URL

To get it, download from the Yuzoolthemes Bundle dashboard, check your email, update inside RapidWeaver7 or buy from here:

Happy selling in RapidWeaver!!

(nathanm) #49

great tips!
thanks for sharing guys

(Michael Frankland) #50

absolutely gorgeous work @SteveB - love this project and great example of a shop that can be made in RW with a little imagination!

(Michael Frankland) #51

For those running Cart 2, check out the free PosterCart project from @SteveB:

It’s now live! :star_struck::fire:

(Bruce Kieffer) #52

Any plans to add Apple Pay as a payment option to Cart2 or a future version of Cart?

(Michael Frankland) #53

Great idea @bruce - I did look into this but it’s a little difficult for the user to setup perhaps (domain verification) but am keeping an eye on it as this has been requested before!