Need recommendations for web host

(Mark Spaulding) #21

Chillidog is simply top notch!

Greg is a pro and knows Rapidweaver like the back of his hand.

He worked with me to get our sites and Chillimail humming like a champ.

Without hesitation, one of the finest Host experiences I have had…and I have been online since 1985. BBS, Genie, Compuserve, AOL, and several hosting servers. Chilldog is at the top!

Good Luck.

(Gregory Barchard) #22

Just a FYI, this “park” “feature” is pretty prevalent. A lot of the big box hosts will run ads (yes ADS) on your domain. For example, if you add an add-on domain to your account, they will display ads on it until it’s published.

Another common one is the 404 page. They’re do the same on these pages. Again, these are Ads on your site. It’s something that really grinds my gears (and something I’d never do)


(Gregory Barchard) #23

@garageshop you’re very welcome and thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

(Phillip Anthony Briles) #24

I want to say “Thank you!” to all of you who have reached out to me with your timely advice, suggestions and comments. This information was sincerely appreciated.

I have decided to move all of my websites over to ChiliDog Web Hosting. Greg has been super helpful and hopefully the migration with be completed this week.

Best to everyone!!

(SF) #25

@dave - I have a question for you regarding the incompatibilities with GoDaddy & shopping carts. What are the issues you are having? I had been issue freefor quite a while, and then suddenly started getting weird behaviour with RapidCart Pro 4, and I was blaming it and possible PayPal API changes. But maybe it’s GoDaddy?

(Dave) #26

Hey @SanityFox - I’m not having any issues (most of my sites are on DreamHost). My understanding is that GoDaddy does not make a specific PHP extension available to those on hosted plans (but does on VPS or Dedicated plans), and that without the extension, shopping carts will have trouble/won’t work. The name of the extension is on my brand new MacBook Pro…which is at Apple getting a new logic board. When I get it back, I’ll report back here as to the name of the file (my entire hard drive is backed up, but I don’t need to import my profile for the work I’m doing for the week it’s gone).

(Neil Egginton) #27

If you’re looking for UK hosting, Guru Cloud are the best I’ve ever used. No downtime and ultra fast Litespeed servers.

I have 2 reseller accounts with them.

They also have free auto updating SSL certs, plus there’s a special £1 deal for new customers.

I’m not an affiliate, but I can’t recommend Guru highly enough.

(Yabdab) #29

Macdock special plan for RW Users

Plesk-Onyx Control Panel
Fast SSD Drives
Email ( IMAP, POP3 and SSL )
PHP 5.4 - 7.2
MySQL 5.6
Wordpress Toolkit
HTTP/2 Support
Let’s Encrypt Support
Git Support
MagicSpam Support
Node.js Support

(Humberto Hernandez) #30

Go Chillidog… Non Plus Utra!!! So is Greg

(Gregory Barchard) #31

hi @NeilUK

I offer a EU server/plan now. I’m curious, are there users who are specifically interested in a UK one? I could probably set one up but was looking at having something that had the best of both worlds (access to the UK and EU)


(Neil Egginton) #32

Hi @barchard

I’m very happy with my host and wouldn’t change unless they started messing things up. But, I think offering a UK hosting option would be great for new and existing Chillidog customers.

(Gregory Barchard) #33

@NeilUK thanks the eu server is in Germany. Not too far from the UK. I’m curious about specific interest in having one in the UK. Germany is very close and has great connections to both the UK and rest of Europe.


(Ken) #34

@chicago Good choice. There is a nasty little problem coming soon in the browsers, that will pop up a “not secure” message if your site is http and not https. Chilldog seem to be very accommodating with this problem, judging by user comments on the forum. I used Cloudflare to sought this (as per Realmacs advise and video posted a few days ago). My server, Goddady would not lift a figure unless I coughed up £125. I’m going to chat with Chilldog myself to migrate from Goddady. Mind you migrating servers can be a nightmare as I found out a couple of years ago - they stall and block in every way possible in the hope you’ll lose heart and not migrate.

(Nigel) #35

Greg. If I’m in Europe will my hosting automatically move to the closet server - Germany?

Cheers Nigel

(Gregory Barchard) #36

No you’d have to open a support ticket to be migrated over. Only certain plans are available on the EU server at this time.

(Nigel) #37

Cheers. Site has been fast enough so far so may not be worth it. I’ll sort a ticket next week and see if makes a difference.


(system) #38

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