New - AddEvent Stack

Use our AddEvent stack to generate downloadable .ics event files on-the-fly; so that website visitors can easily and conveniently add your upcoming events to their favourite calendar app.

Formally the ‘AddThisEvent’ stack, this new stack has been totally rewritten from scratch. It no longer has dependencies on outside services or complicated / expensive license stipulations. Now free to download and free to use in as many different personal or commercial projects that you want!

The simple user interface makes it a snap to setup new events. Other improvements include the ability to customise the timezone from what the web server is using, support for longer descriptions, the option to supply a location, plus the ability to attach URLs.

On your website, the visitor sees a simple button. Clicking the button generates and downloads the .ics file, which they can then click to open in their preferred calendar app.

AddEvent requires Stacks 3 and a decent web server with PHP 5.6 or greater. However the file extension of your page hosting the AddEvent stacks can remain as .html in the page inspector.

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Don’t forget - if you find this stack useful or require support, please make a small contribution.


Always exciting to see a new Stack from @willwood :slight_smile:

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