New Foundation Project: COFFEE

It is Coffee-Time!

I am proud to announce the release of my next Foundation Project: Coffee.
It is packed with nice features like Section Pro support and nice animated content.
Well balanced colors and fonts give the perfect look. Change every aspect to get the look you want.
Perfect for Cafés, Restaurants, Snack-Bars,… The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
The complete website for your next project. Only a click away.


  • Build with RapidWeaver 7
  • A perfect harmony of Google Fonts for great Typography.
  • Price-Table built with the great Builder-Stack. Edit the content for your needs.
  • Sections Pro image animation and Video support shown.
  • Pre-defined contact form.
  • Responsive for mobile devices
  • Perfect for Beginner and Professionals.

20% Discount. Expires June 12th, 2016. No additional Discount Code possible.

Premium RapidWeaver Fondation Projects


Great foundation project! Nice animations!

I’m having an issue with the menu though, using chrome android tablet, the drop down menu does not stay expanded, when clicked it expands to show the links but it reloads the home page not allowing you to open the other pages

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Hi @rolisize,

thank you very much for the feedback! I will have a look at it. :slight_smile:


Shoud work much better now for you.

Nice! Keep the projects coming!

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Discount is over. :frowning:
But the newsletter discount code is now available. :smiley:

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