New GeoMap Stack

GeoMap makes maps easy again. There are no API or monthly caps before you have to pay. GeoMap stacks allow you to create a standalone map with ease. You can swap the location of that map with a click of a button. You can even update a map with the GPS location of your visitor.

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Thank you. A question from the land of GDPR:

  1. is the IP address of my sites visitors
    transmitted to any third party?

  2. If yes, is the IP address deleted instantly and not saved to any log files etc?

  3. If these are saved, where are the servers located? We are e. g. not allowed to transmit IP addresses to the U.S any longer.

  4. Are any cookies used with this stack?

Thank you,
Jan Fuellemann

The stack does not use an IP address or cookies at all. The map embed is using MapQuest which itself uses OpenStreet Maps.

And is the data from OpenStreetMaps served from outside the country of the site-visitor (in my case Germany)?

I have no clue where their servers exist. I find it hard to believe that you are only allowed to use services that are hosted from inside Germany.

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Hm, I’m not sure. In my understanding it’s comparable to Google Fonts, which are loaded directly from Google. Accoding to DSGVO it’s not allowed to load such a font if the user hasn’t agreed to that before. The solution for this is to simply host the font on my own server. But I’m clueless how to do such a thing with a map…
@Fuellemann What do you think about that…?

The way that I built this, you could only have the map actually be loaded when you click on a button. That is possible. Simply don’t load any map on page load by setting the location to nothing. Then use the GeoSwap stack to load the location in to the map and load it.


Yes, that seems to be a solution.

btw: thanks for the little ‘present’… :slight_smile: :+1:t2:

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Yes. it is not a question of the stack, but of the embedded service. What is Mapquest doing with the IP addresses? Where are their servers located, if they save the IP address?

But to load the map when you click the button does not help if you can not explain what is being done in your privacy declaration.

This seems to be their privacy policy. Looks routine to me. In term of ip address, every web server in the world gets the IP address. It’s not a identifiable data.

By the rules of the German high court, IP addresses are personal and identifiable data. This is why we face legal challenges. By rules of the law web designers are responsible for the privacy declaration and have to declare the use of the IP addresses of the sites visitors.

When we embed a map stack, it is part of our site and thus we are responsible for this explanation. So when we add an button for the customer to agree to use the maps, we still have to point to a privacy declaration for more information.

Therefore all these hideous questions.

Of course if we just link to an external site, there is no problem.


Hi Joe, does this work with Foundry? Also, can you use multiple map pins on a map?

All of my stacks work in any theme. You cannot have multiple pins. I have it logged as a feature request for the future though.

Thanks, I will keep my eyes out for an update. Maps are a pain these days, the lack of API is a welcome feature.

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