New: PhotoAlbumRedirect and LineBreakHeight Stacks

Today I introduce two small stacks that I made on suggestion of users of my stacks. Although they won’t set the world on fire, I’m sure they will be a nice addition to your stacks collection.

The PhotoAlbumRedirect Stack makes it possible to turn a Photo Album page into a set of images linking to other pages, optionally opening in a new window. Especially when combining this stack with the Photo Album Beautifier Stack, this opens a new realm of possibilities for the good ol’ Photo Album page: turn it into an overview of all your gallery pages , a portfolio,…

For more information and a demo, please visit the product page.

The LineBreakHeight Stack is a stack for those who want optimum control over the looks of their texts. This stack makes it possible to set the height of the whitespace exactly to your liking. Just use line breaks to separate the blocks of text, and set the height of each line break (as a percentage of the line height of the text).

More information and a demo on the product page.

Both stacks are pay-what-you-want, so you can decide yourself how much these stacks are worth to you. When you downloaded them for free and use them in a commercial project, a small donation will be appreciated.

Hope you like them!